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Yoga is a unique system of exercises, which helps an organism to stay young and healthy, fight against diseases and stress, keep emotional balance. Yoga is perfectly suitable for women and men, young and older people, as it practises delicate manner of physical education. Meditate Group offers a number of yoga directions.

  • Hatha is the most popular yoga style nowadays. The key elements of hatha include breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation and posture improvement positions. The main hatha targets are: spiritual repose and balancing of soul, body and environment.
  • General yoga implies simple and effective exercises, adjusted to needs of modern people. A general yoga training includes working at positions, aimed at joints flexibility. A close attention is also paid to coordinated connective movements between main positions. Unconscious motions of arms, head, and legs are inappropriate according to the general yoga standards.
  • East-West yoga introduces a trainee into a standard plasticity and a body axis concept. Joint gymnastics, spinal support, manual therapy, kinesiology, osteopathy, bone chi gong, skeletal system recovery and principles of weighting distribution are also developed within the east-west yoga method.
  • Stream yoga is a dynamic hatha style, which develops coordinated sequences of yoga positions, connected by special movement complexes and breathing concentration. The stream yoga practice improves power, flexibility, hardiness and body relief. The solution is perfect for young energetic people.