Pilates          Pilates exercising

The main principle of a pilates complex is control over all performed movements and exercises, which results in muscle strengthening and posture improvement. Another key pilates standard is mental concentration, which develops attention and spiritual harmony. Breathing is also coordinated during training sessions, introducing balance and composure into an everyday routine. The Meditate Group trainers practise smooth and gentle training methods, combining main exercises with connective movements, providing comprehensive sessions. It is recommended to regularly attend pilates trainings without physical overdoing or mental strain.

Meditate Group offers three pilates techniques.

  • Floor exercises are performed on a floor sitting or laying down. Trainings can be aimed at diversified targets, as posture correction or spinal pain relief.
  • Exercises with a use of training equipment. Pilates training equipment differs from regular fitness facilities by structural concept and used materials. Pilates equipment doesn't imply a solid fixed frame, which supports a body during a training session: it is necessary to apply additional efforts in order to keep balance on an unsustainable surface. During such exercises a body activates numerous minor muscles, which cannot be developed at a traditional workout.
  • Exercises with a use of special training devices are performed on a floor with a supplementation by various training accessories, as dumb-bells, rings, balls and rubber resistance bands.