Medical consultation

Therapist consultation          Testing exercises

At Meditate Group we believe that a comprehensive therapist consultation is a fundamental element of physical education. The target of therapist examination is identification of physical sustainability and individual abilities of a trainee, as strength, flexibility, staying power. Analysis of these criteria allows to draw up the most appropriate training plan, including strategical and tactical parts. Personal wishes, preferences, targets and general physical condition will also be taken into account while exercise development.

Meditate Group specialists also offer additional services, as definition of a fat body index, qualitative and quantitative analysis of nutrition, individual ration development, strategical training development during pregnancy, rehabilitation program development after medical treatment, massage prescription.

Initial consultation is included into a membership fee and consists of visual medical examination, analysis of physical condition during testing exercises, estimation of central and peripheral nervous system, cardio rhythm and blood circulation diagnostics.

A professional consultation is a key to safe and enjoyable training process. It is recommended to go through medical consultation every three months in order to apply corrections to a training program. Periodical control of physical activity allows to avoid overstrain, fatigue and traumas, as the fundamental fitness principles are exercise regularity and gradual increase of physical activity.