Massage Therapy

Massage therapy          Medical massage

Meditate Group offers massage therapy and relaxation procedures. Any sort of massage therapy is more intense and efficient than a relaxation classic massage. The massage therapist actions are aimed at muscle blocks and knots relief. A close attention is paid to problem areas with pathology or deflection. A patient experiences intense strong physical influence. In fact, any professional massage session can be identified as therapy: a procedure mobilized body defences, improves immunity, favorably affects at cardiovascular system, blood circulation and joints flexibility. Medical massage therapy is aimed at skin, soft tissues, joints, bones and internal organs treatment. As a result, blood microcirculation is stabilized, pain is relieved and tissues nutrition is stimulated.

  • Cervical cord or collar zone massage provides a better oxygen supply to a neck, improves skin treatment, activates blood stream and lymph drain. A procedure includes malaxation, frottage and rubbing.
  • Point and segmental massage implies manipulation with certain sections, which experience pain or stain. Reflectory muscle changes are corrected by special massage techniques, as acupuncture and palpation.
  • General medical massage is a procedure of massaging a whole body. This procedure is effective for physical and mental relaxation. There is a number of organism systems, stimulated during a general massage: muscular, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous and blood circulation. Even one session is able to fight against insomnia, stress, fatigue and weight loss.