Gym          Exercising

Meditate Group offers membership of a modern and spacious gym in Dubai, fully equipped with diversified facilities and training accessories. There are various exercise zones, presented at Meditate Group sports center.

  • Cardio area is presented by a wide range of cardio-vascular machines: race track, elliptical trainers, skiing imitators, exercycles, step machines, stationary rowers. All devices are supplemented by individual TV displays and remote controls for customers' convenience.
  • Plate load section includes a full assortment of machines, allowing to work through all muscle grounds.
  • Abdominal muscles gym part is provided with exercise machines for upper, lower, and side muscles; lower spine muscles, outer and inner hip parts, gluteal muscles.
  • Free weights zone is supplied with equipment, loaded by disks, dumb-bells and different modifications of press benches.
  • Boxing area is equipped with punching bags, gloves, focus mitts and punch pads. Our gym members can always get a professional consultation from our boxing trainer, who will assist with boxing theory and practice.

The Meditate Group trainers have developed various programs, created for different purposes in accordance to customer needs and physical abilities.

  • Body sculpt program is created for visual correction of body imperfections, muscular definition development and weight loss.
  • Muscle building implies general physical education, muscle tone support and further gradual exercise load.
  • Weight loss program includes cardio exercises, weight training, stretching and specified functional sport sessions.