Traffic Penalties in Dubai You Should Know About

Travelling in a new country can be daunting task in itself; you do not know where anything is while juggling with the GPS and the entire process can become frustratingly overwhelming. The last thing you need is red lights in your rear view mirror and a traffic fine or penalty to put a damper on your vacation. Before you leave for your vacation you should familiarise yourself with the traffic laws in Dubai so that you are not caught off guard. Thankfully, Quick Lease car rental has you covered with a list of the most common traffic fines and penalties that you could incur during your travels.

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The Black-Point System and How it Works

Dubai makes use of a black point system for their penalties in traffic violations as well as fines. This system is used to try and prevent and rectify any dangerous driving behaviour in the country. Once a driver accumulates 24 black points they will no longer be allowed to drive a vehicle in Dubai for three, six or twelve months depending on if it is your first, second or third violation respectively. After your third black point violation you will have to pass a driving course before you will be allowed on the road again. The severity of the violation will determine how many black points the driver receives.

Traffic Fines and Car Rental

If you are a tourist renting a vehicle to travel around Dubai and you get a fine whilst driving then the rental company is liable to pay for the fine. When renting a vehicle, you have to pay a security deposit which is used to cover these types of expenses should they arise.

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Reckless Driving and Speeding in Dubai

Reckless driving refers to any driving behaviour that places the life of the driver or those around the driver in danger. If caught, you will be eligible to pay a fine of AED 2000. Speeding is the most common traffic offense in Dubai. If the maximum speed limit is exceeded then the driver will have to pay a fine of AED 1000. In both cases, drivers will receive 12 black points and the vehicle will be confiscated for a month.

Drunk-Driving in Dubai

Drunk-driving is strongly frowned upon and drivers are encouraged to rather make use of public transport if they are intoxicated. Upon failing the blood alcohol test the driver will be locked in jail for the night, receive 24 black points and the case will be sent to court. The vehicle will also be confiscated for two months.