Lip Augmentation with Fat transfer

Women are always touchy when it comes to their lips. Beautiful and well-shaped lips are aesthetically satisfying for them. Lip augmentation through various methods enhances the entire look of the face. Those women who have thin lips can have them treated from any leading lip augmentation clinic in UAE.

Lip augmentation Abu Dhabi

Lip Augmentation with Fat transfer

Let’s now take you through the process of lip augmentation with fat transfer. Women who want their lips to be plumper and fuller by infusing foreign materials, lip augmentation with fat transfer is ideal for them. We know that other lip filling methods like Restylane and collagen are derived from animal or human donor tissue.

However, lip augmentation with fat transfer technique will make use of your own body tissues and as a result, you will get soft, attractive and natural looking lips.

How is this procedure conducted?

Lip augmentation Abu Dhabi is done by extracting fat from any area of your body and then injecting it into your lips. While this fat transfer is done, only the body’s natural tissue is used, and this lessens the chances of allergic reactions. Once this procedure is completed, the patients experience soft and natural lips. It gives them a feeling of satisfaction and it lasts between six to twelve months.

The procedure for transferring fat

Beautiful and well shaped lipsThe procedure starts with the removal of fat from a healthy part of patient like thighs, abdomen and hips etc. The liposuction process will not affect the specific part of the body too much. This fat is then injected into the patient’s lips with the help if a syringe and blunt needle. The injecting of the needle into the lips may leave tiny marks which are only 0.2 centimeters in decimeter.

The whole procedure is performed under local anesthesia or light general anesthesia. It mainly depends on the patient’s and surgeon’s inclination. This specific procedure of lip augmentation with fat transfer is best for those who are planning to lower the amount of fat in one or more areas of their body and want to make their lips beautiful and plumper.

Benefits of lip augmentation with fat transfer

This entire procedure is a low risk and extremely beneficial for those who want lip augmentation with safety. One main benefit associated with this technique is that there are no chances of allergic reactions. The reason is that the tissues are from the patient’s own body and normally the rejection of tissues doesn’t happen.

The overall results for the patient are ideal and natural. Another benefit associated with lip augmentation with fat transfer is that the patient requires only a few hours for recovery. They can resume their daily routine without any delay once the recovery is complete.