How to Choose a Private Boat Charter in Dubai

Get ready to enjoy an incredible holiday in the UAE on the pristine Arabian waters. Dubai is, indeed, a dream destination for many. The natural beauty and serene atmosphere attract visitors from near and far. If you want to take your holiday experience a notch higher, we recommend getting a private boat hire. If you’ve chosen to take a sailing vacation in the UAE, you’ll want to make the absolute most of your trip. The first step is selecting the best private boat charter in Dubai. Here are some sage pieces of advice we have for you to ensure your boating holiday fills up with the keenest of details.

Private Boat Charter

Be Clear on What You Want

When choosing a boat to cruise around in, a little research will go a long way to give you clarity on what you want or expect to find. Visit the site of a luxury yacht rental provider such as Seven Yachts or the one that your friend recommended and have a look at the different boats on offer. Getting the right fit for your activity may be overwhelming, but proper research and prospecting will ensure that you have it easy. Get to talk to the customer support, and they will assist you in picking a boat that is a good fit.

Enquire on What Fun Activity is On the Menu

The fact that you are considering renting a private boat charter in Dubai means you intend to have fun. Check out what different packages offered by the rental will get you and in particular, what water sport is on the list. Jet skis, banana boats, paddling, water surfing? Whatever the sports, are you comfortable with it, do they have a concierge to guide you through the activity? Safety is also essential to ensure that the company has its safety measures in check.

Choose a Reputable Firm

You want to have the experience of a lifetime, don’t let the crew spoil this for you. The company matters; what is their reputation for the period they have been in business? As mentioned earlier, research goes a long way here. The good news is that in Dubai, status is everything, and every company tries to uphold theirs to the best standard possible. So, expect a top level of professionalism from the crew.

Dinner On Yacht

What Is the Size of Your Team?

When choosing a boat, it's only fair that you disclose the precise number of the companions you intend to bring on board. It is because every yacht has a limit to the capacity that it can accommodate at a go. Also, the boats are prepared to serve a specific number of persons when rented. Don't go estimating the numbers; try to be as accurate as possible. You don't want to end up with a stalemate where the crew expects twelve people, but you show up with a team of twenty.

Pick the Right Time of The Year

Booking your boat charter early in the season comes with plenty of benefits. First, you and your team will have a lot more privacy. Also, if you were to go amid tourist season, which Dubai is famous for, the crowded beaches maybe a little of a spoiler. Secondly, your assigned crew on board will be fresh and ready as in contrast to when it is a peak period when everyone can feel fatigued after endless weeks chartering guests around the Arabian waters.