Benefits of Hiring a Rental Car from Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers, commonly called JLT is amongst the most popular neighbourhoods of Dubai. It is ranked as the fifth area for renting apartments in the whole of Dubai. Here are the benefits of a JLT car rental for the residents.

Ample Parking Space

Accessing parking in JLT will be quite easy. There is ample parking around JLT if you decide to rent a car for your stay there. Thus, you do not have to worry about having to drive around just to access some parking space. In and around JLT, parking is free if you own a hybrid. Thus, you can easily rent a hybrid if you never wish to pay for parking if you live in JLT.

It is Close to the City

Since JLT is so close to the city centre, renting a car seems like a good idea. You will be able to visit the city often; including all the popular attractions in the city. Best of all is that you will not exceed the mileage due to its closeness to the city centre. It seems like a good alternative where you get to reap all the benefits of owning a car without all the downside of actually owning one.

JLT Car Rental

You Can Go Sightseeing on Your Own Schedule

While many people stay in JLT for business, there are those that will rent an apartment as part of an extended holiday in Dubai. A car rental will let you visit any tourist attraction in Dubai and stay as long as you wish. This is unlike a cab where the meter is always running. As a result, if you feel like spending the evening at the beach or going camping in the city’s outskirts, you can do so without worry.

The Ability to Access Numerous Options

JLT is quite close to the city of Dubai. As a result, it means that you are within reach of most car-rental firms. It means that you can access a huge array of car rental options. For instance, if you wish to access a car with extra safety features, the closeness to Dubai means you will be able to access various companies that offer car rentals with various safety features. You can then pick a car with the safety features and other options like space that you need.

Extra Fast Delivery of Your Rental Car

JLT is just a short drive away from Dubai. If you require a rental car as an emergency, it will be possible to access one quite fast. For instance, if you have someone arriving at Dubai airport and you wish to pick them up by yourself, you can order for a rental car to be delivered to JLT in just a short time. The car will arrive, and you can go pick up your friend as soon as possible.