Traffic Penalties in Dubai You Should Know About

Traveling in a foreign country can be nerve-wrecking and often travellers forget about common road laws which can have hefty fines to pay. Have a look at some of the violations you need to be aware of while travelling in the UAE and the penalties and fines that accompany them.

How to Choose a Private Boat Charter in Dubai

When considering a luxury private boat hire in Dubai, it is essential to know what you want or at least have the necessary knowledge. Also, you need to make sure you know when the right time is to hire, and which firm can accommodate your team.

Should I Opt for Dune Buggy Safaris in the Summer?

The summer heat, especially in the Arabian desert, can be a bit overwhelming. While going on a morning buggy safari may not be a good idea, the desert cools faster during the late afternoon and an evening buggy safari is a perfect getaway after a long summer day.

The Advantages of Hiring a Mercedes in Dubai

Mercedes cars are very expensive. But rental companies have made it affordable for you to own one. You can own one in Dubai without necessarily having to bear with the costs associated with owning like insurance costs and maintenance by simply renting

Benefits of Hiring a Rental Car from Jumeirah Lake Towers

If you in Jumeirah Lake Towers, there are numerous benefits to renting a car in the neighbourhood. These benefits of a car rental in JLT are worth considering if you will be here for a while.


Why should you learn how to dance?

There are tons of benefits of learning a dance form which is not just for the present but lifelong. Be it mentally or physically, dancing is known to provide an overall boost. By joining a dance school in your city, you can learn to master this art form.

Lip Augmentation with Fat transfer

Who doesn’t want beautiful, soft, rosy and properly shaped lips? Lip augmentation with fat transfer is a way to transform women’s lips from ordinary to more fuller and plumper looking lips. It’s a process of injecting your own fat tissues in to your lips that give them an appealing look.